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Well this is reason we're all here - we love movies! So if you've always wanted someone else to talk to about them, here's the place.

Here on the website you'll find feature pages devoted to individual movies and genre posters of the week. These can contain some or all of the following: film reviews, photo and poster galleries, quotes and related links. You'll also find some featured movie photos which tie in with forum topics. Plus quick links taking you to some of those all so important discussions on the forum messageboard, so you don't have to search through the thousands of posts!

Featured Films and Reviews

While other areas focus on movie genres and links to the many discussions on individual films in the forum, here you'll find features , film reviews, and photo galleries, on an ever growing selection of movies. [MoreContinue Reading]

Movie Posters

Though you'll already find movie posters featured in articles throughout the site, we'll gradually be adding galleries so they're easier for you to find. [MoreContinue Reading]

Movie Desktop Wallpapers

Though you'll already find some movie related desktop wallpapers featured in articles throughout the site, we'll gradually be adding galleries here so they're easier for you to find. Visit the existing Classic Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Classic Horror Galleries and keep checking our homepage for news about new ones. [MoreContinue Reading]

Forum Chat Quick Links

Links to some of the older discussions on our messageboard (Movie Cat's Pad) sorted by genres. We love it when older topics are given a "kiss of life" when someone new posts to them as we can all start chatting about the subject again! [MoreContinue Reading]


Romancing the Stone, click for full size photo
Romancing the Stone

Love's Labours Lost, click for full size photo
Love's Labour's Lost

Dirty Dancing, click for full size photo
Dirty Dancing


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