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Pretty Woman


Richard Gere as Edward and Julia Roberts as Vivian in Pretty Woman

In no particular order here are some of my favourite scenes from the movie. Tell us yours by posting in the forum.

The Dental Floss

This is the key scene of the film in my opinion, and one which changed the audiences perceptions of Vivian as well as Edward's. We gals want a heroine we can identify with, not a hooker sneaking drugs. Someone paranoid about having strawberry seeds stuck between her teeth is someone we understand. "Few people surprise me" said Edward - well thank goodness the moviemakers surprised us.

The Tie

Vivian doing Edward's tie up for him. There's that irresistible urge we get to mother a guy and do his tie properly for him when you see him messing up such a perfectly simple task. Maybe there's also that secret delight in knowing that you can accidentally tighten it just that bit too much if he's annoying you ;-)

The Handkerchief

The wonderful look on Bernard's (Hector Elizondo) face when Vivian blows her nose on the pristine handkerchief he'd lent her to dry her tears.

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The Snails

Those "slippery little suckers" at the restaurant.

The Charade

Vivian watching the end of the Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn movie Charade (a favourite of mine for much the same reason as Pretty Woman - great onscreen chemistry and witty dialogue). A pretty astute choice of movie to feature, considering it's about people who aren't quite what they seem. Audrey, famously Eliza Doolittle in the musical version of Pygmalion (My Fair Lady), acting opposite the grey haired but still sexy Cary Grant. Why the publicity department felt they needed to give Gere brown hair on the posters for Pretty Woman I just don't know. I never ever swooned over the guy until he went grey, in fact I didn't find him in the least attractive before - not even in An Officer and a Gentleman (though my friends thought I was crazy).

The Piano

The piano scene - because it reminds me of someone (oh no you don't, wash your mind out with soap - I mean a guy who used to compose his own music and play the piano like that. Honest!)

The Dress Shop

Vivian putting the stuck up cows in the dress shop in place for not serving her the day before. Go chew on that ladies.

The Good Time

"If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time." Vivian thanks Edward in the elevator, and the operator appears to go "Aww, cute!" to himself.

The Best Friend

Kit (Laura San Giacomo) and Vivian's "Take care you" exchange that I still find myself using to this day (especially, for some reason, when I'm chatting online).

The Polo Match

Which is where my reference to the colour brown on the previous page comes in.

When I was young it seemed that every relation took one look at my colouring and thought brown brought the auburn in my hair out best. Well they were probably right but after years of being given tops and dresses in every variable from mud to clay I rebelled. Not one item that colour did I wear during all my teen years, luckily I had a cat who loved chewing holes in jumpers which he mysteriously got hold of moments after I unwrapped them. It wasn't until I saw Julia in that polka dot dress that I had a change of heart and thought well if it works for her, it really might work for me too.

The Kiss

"He sleeps" - one of the best kissing scenes in the movies. Proving that the most gentle of touches can provide the most heat. If ever a couple had on screen chemistry it was Gere and Roberts in that scene.

The Blue Banana

If you've been lucky enough to see the 10th Anniversary Edition/Director's Cut of the movie I'm sure you'll agree with me that the scene outside The Blue Banana is a gem. Talk about cool, calm and collected. Way to go Edward! BTW Thanks to those of you in the forum who persuaded me that the Director's Cut was worth getting. You know who you are :-)

The End

She rescues him right back!

The ending - of course! The fairy tale came true, he climbs to her tower and rescues her and she rescues him right back. What we all wish for...

"This is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't, but keep on dreaming."

That's just my opinion though, what makes Pretty Woman so special in your opinion? Which scenes did you love ? Even if you hated the movie we'd love to hear from you in the forum.

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- Movie Cat

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