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Pretty Woman


Julia Roberts as Vivian in Pretty Woman
Pygmalion with "Eliza" as a hooker instead of a flower seller

How did a movie concept that horrified us - Pygmalion with "Eliza" as a hooker instead of a flower seller - end up entrancing us? How did three characters from the movie make such an impact that we, and director Garry Marshall, longed to see the actors who played them together on the big screen once more?

The gap between Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride might be nearly 10 years, but the former still seems as fresh as ever. I know my video of the movie has been watched many times, and I'm sure I'm not alone in seeing it as a perfect feelgood flick, one you can just curl up on the sofa in front of and cast your cares aside for 115 minutes. No I didn't time it, much as it may be hard to believe I can read the video box! One reader of this website questioned my eyesight after seeing that time. The difference between it and the slightly longer running time listed for the same movie in the US comes down to the fact that PAL and NTSC transmission rates differ. If you want more details ask in the forum. Let's get back to talking about the movie!

So what were the magic ingredients that turned out such a great concoction? Stars who really did shine in their roles, and a sharply witty script that made this fairy tale with an edge just that bit more believable and made us care as deeply for the lead characters as they eventually did for each other. We fell in love with them.

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When we first meet them Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) aren't exactly the kind of people you could imagine wanting a relationship with. Guys, I said relationship - forget about drooling over Vivian putting on those boots as she got ready to go to work. As for Edward, well talk about semidetached relationships - the exchange with his ex-girlfriend brought that into crystal clear focus (and also made most of the females in the audience think to themselves "been there, done that" ) :

"When we were dating did you speak to my secretary more than me?"
"She was one of my bridesmaids"

But, as the opening said "Welcome to Hollywood", where the Kings of Wishful thinking live (hands up who bought the soundtrack too, go on admit it) and where the impossible is achievable. So in that spirit I'm going to step back in time and, in no particular order - because I bet I get them wrong chronologically - relive some of my favourite moments from the film that actually got me wearing brown again for the first time since I hit my teens.

Want to know what on earth I'm on about? Then you better read the Highlights page!Continue Reading

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