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If there's a particular actor, past or present, you'd like to chat about you've come to the right place.

Here on the website you'll find pages devoted to actors many containing photo galleries of the stars featured. In the forum you'll find dozens of discussions on the topic of those stars you either love or hate!

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Links to the most recently posted to topics in our Movie People folder on the forum messageboard. If your favourite isn't mentioned you better get posting!


Click on image for full size version

Anthony Quinn, click for full size photo
Anthony Quinn

Brendan Fraser, click for full size photo
Brendan Fraser

John Wayne, click for full sized photo
John Wayne

Aidan Quinn in Legends of the Fall, click for full size photo
Aidan Quinn

Brand new Knight Michael Caine in Get Carter, click for full size photo
Sir Michael Caine

Richard Farnsworth in The Straight Story, click for full size photo
Richard Farnsworth


Who on earth is Vincent Cassel? feature
Vincent Cassel

Who on earth is Mark Dacascos? feature
Mark Dacascos

Jack Lemmon feature
Jack Lemmon

Sir Alec Guinness feature
Sir Alec Guinness

Alan Rickman feature
Alan Rickman

Rutger Hauer feature
Rutger Hauer

Christopher Lee feature
Christopher Lee

Kevin Costner feature
Kevin Costner

Humphrey Bogart feature
Humphrey Bogart

Charles Gray feature
Charles Gray

Douglas Fairbanks feature
Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Edmond O'Brien feature
Edmond O'Brien

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