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I Love Movies

Being offline for a few months (due to health problems both human and computer <sigh>) gave me some time to actually think about why I devote so much time to watching and finding out about films. If you're visiting this site chances are you feel the same way as I do about them. Here are some of the reasons why I love movies, what are yours?

• • •

Do you love movies so much that you eat, drink and sleep them?

I love movies because they make me laugh when I'm sad
And cry when I'm happy.

• • •

I love movies because they bring me together with those close to my heart
And keep me company when I'm alone.

• • •

I love movies because they share my joy when I'm in love
And comfort me when I am heart sore.

• • •

I love movies because they open my eyes to the real world
And let me escape into fantasy.

• • •

I love movies because they're a window to the world
And a mirror of the soul.

• • •

I love movies because life is a motion picture
Roll camera, fade out.

• • •

- Movie Cat

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Why do you love movies?

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